2/14/17, 7:15 PM – Amy Jo Deamer, age, 32, Palmyra, PA and Erick Ortiz-Baez, age, 34, Lebanon, PA were involved in a minor rear end collision in the 100 block of East Main Street when Ortiz-Baez stopped his vehicle for an elderly person in the crosswalk and was rear ended by Deamer’s vehicle. No reported injuries.


2/14/17, 1:55 AM – Shaun Lee Gotshall, age, 39, Annville, PA was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance (Crystal Methamphetamine) and Indirect Criminal Contempt for violating a PFA (Protection from Abuse Order).


 2/12/2017, 11:30 AM – Patrick R. Lewis, age, 29 of Philadelphia, PA, and Robert W. McAteer, age: 43 of Lebanon, PA were involved in a two vehicle crash in the 1st block of North White Oak Street.  There were minor damages to the bumpers of both vehicles. There were no reported injuries. Roads were wet at the time of the crash.


2/12/2017, 2:33 AM – Tyler Lee Rhoads, age, 20, Bushwood, MD arrested for DUI, Underage Drinking, Possession of Alcohol by Minor, Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Carrying False ID after being stopped at East Maple and Killingers Streets for a traffic violation.


2/12/2017, 12:20 am – Michael Leri, age, 18, cited for Disorderly Conduct after Police discovered him Urinating in a back yard in the 100 block of West Sheridan Avenue.


2/8/2017, 11:00 AM – Matthew Andrews, age, 32 of Annville, PA and Daniel Odell, age, 44 of Lebanon, PA were involved in a (2) vehicle crash in the 1300 block of East Main Street.  Both vehicles sustained extensive damages and each had to be towed from the scene. As a result of the investigation, Driver, Odell was subsequently charged with Failing to Yield Right of Way When Entering or Crossing a Roadway. There were no reported injuries.


2/5/2017, 1:58 AM – Ethan Oliva, age, 25 of Annville, PA and Tyler Craven, age, 21 of Palmyra, PA both cited for Possession of an Open Container of an Alcoholic Beverage at West Lebanon and North Birch Streets. Both subjects were initially stopped by Police for yelling loudly in public late at night.


2/5/2017, 12:58 AM – Tyler Conlon, age, 21 of Phillpsburg, New Jersey, was cited for violation of the Township Ordinance after Police were dispatched for a complaint of a loud party coming from the area of the 100 block of North Railroad Street.


Simple Assault


1/23/2017, 12:05 AM – An Employee at the Annville VFW at 401 West Main Street was assaulted by a patron visiting from another VFW resulting in a laceration to the head of the victim. The suspect fled the scene in a White Ford last seen heading east on Main Street. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Annville Police Department. UPDATE: 1/31/17, Zachary Damron, age, 31, Palmyra, PA was cited with Harassment as a result of the investigation by Annville Police.


Disorderly Conduct – Ethnic Intimidation


On Sunday January 22, 2017 @ 0153 Annville Township Officers responded to Wing It restaurant, 18 East Main Street for a reported disturbance.  Employees of the restaurant said two customers were seated at the bar and were unhappy with their order and caused a disturbance and left the business.  The customers were thought to be college students, a white male and a black male.  When the Officers were leaving the business, a group of young men approached the area.  The men said they returned for an apology from the business owner. Two of the young men, LVC, Students identified themselves as the males sitting at the bar a short time ago. A black male student told Officers that while he and his friend were waiting for their order, a male employee came from the kitchen and used a racial slur directed toward the student. 


Aggravated Assault


1/22/17, 1:19 AM, at West Church and North Chestnut Streets, two adult males were assaulted by 6 – 8 males resulting in a head injury to one of the victims possibly caused by a golf club used by one of the assailants. The assault was interrupted by two men who were passing by and stopped their car and got out and ended the attack by pulling the group off the victims. The attackers fled the scene in two vehicles those being a Black Hyundai Elantra and a white Chevy Cruz sedan. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Annville Police Department.




1/20/2017, 9:39 PM, Jesus Manuel Rosario Jr, age, 22 of Lancaster, PA was involved in a single car motor vehicle accident in the 300 block of North White Oak Street. The investigation determined that Rosario lost control of his vehicle in a curve due to wet roadways sliding off the road into an embankment next to the cemetery. Rosario’s vehicle suffered moderate damage and had to be towed from the scene. There were no reported injuries.




1/20/2017 2:19 AM, Lisa M. Hunt, 33, Annville, PA was arrested for DUI after Police stopped her for a traffic violation at South White Oak and West Cumberland Streets




1/20/2017, 1:20 AM, Nathan Lester, 21, Perkiomenville, PA, was stopped by Police after they observed him carrying property belonging to a local Annville business. Charges pending completion of the investigation.


1/9/2017, 4:33 – Joann Witmeyer, 84, Annville and Bethany Stutzman, 18, Palmyra, PA involved in minor non-injury vehicle crash in the 1400 block of East Main Street.  Witmeyer was traveling westbound when her vehicle crossed into the eastbound lane striking Stutzman’s vehicle which was traveling eastbound.



1/5/17, 6:12 PM, Jared D. Billips, 24, Jonestown, PA, arrested for DUI while in a vehicle parked in a parking lot at the Annville Square. A passenger in the car, Khail Sean Clark, 25, Lebanon, PA was arrested for False ID to Law Enforcement after it was determined he provided a false name to Officers knowing there was an Robbery Arrest Warrant for him.

 Public Drunkenness

1/1/17, 3:28 AM, Benjamin M. Dumez, 37, Palmyra, PA, cited with Retail Theft and Public Drunkenness after being intoxicated in Public and taking food the Turkey Hill without paying for it.


 12/31/2016, 8:28 PM – Ashley Carpenter, 25, Lebanon, PA, cited with Harassment after being involved in a physical disturbance in the 100 block of South King Street in Annville.

 Bad Checks

 12/29/16, Adam C. Killian, 36, Lebanon, PA, cited for writing a Bad Check in the amount of $144.00 to an Annville Business

on 7/1/2016.


 12/28/2016, 1:11 PM – Raymond Kalbach, 67, Cleona, PA and Earla Hitz, 73, Jonestown, PA involved in minor vehicle crash. Both Vehicles were traveling eastbound in the 300 block of West Main Street.


 12/28/2016, 3:11 PM – Raymond Kalbach, 67, Cleona, PA and Earla Hitz, 73, Jonestown, PA involved in minor non-injury vehicle accident. Both vehicles were traveling westbound in the 300 block of West Main Street at the time of the crash.

 Accident Hit & Run Pedestrian 

 12/27/2016, 1:50 PM – Stephen Andrejcak, 48, Mechanicsburg, PA, was struck by a dark colored Honda Coupe while in the crosswalk at the Square in Annville. The outside mirror grazed his arm and did not cause injury. The male driver of the Honda did not stop and continued eastbound on East Main Street. Anyone with information or who may have witnessed the accident is asked to contact the Annville Township Police Department.


 12/24/2016, 10:47 AM – Klye Strangarity, 27, Cleona, PA and John Carrol, 65, Lebanon, PA involved in minor non-injury crash. Both Vehicles were traveling westbound in the 100 block of West Main Street.


 12/24/2016, 1:22 AM – Erick Michael Cheresini, 37, Lebanon, arrested for DUI in 1200 block of East Main Street, Annville.


 12/22/2016, 1:38 PM, Kelsey Doell, 19, Langhorne, PA, backed her vehicle into another vehicle at Beaver and Cumberland Streets. The male driver of the other vehicle did not provide Doell with his information and left the scene.

 Found Bicycle

 12/21/2016, 7:45 AM, Green, Girl’s Mountain Bicycle found laying in roadway in first block of North Birch Street.

 Disorderly Conduct

 12/16/2016, 11:56 PM – Curtis Edward Boltz, 26, Annville, was cited with Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct and Simple Trespassing for being intoxicated in public, punching vehicles and going onto other persons property in the area of the first block of West Church Street.

 Drug Violation

 12/15/2016, 5:25 PM – Corrina Susanne Dodson, 42, Myerstown, PA, arrested after being discovered by Police in a vehicle parked in the Annville Municipal Parking Lot at 1 East Main Street while in possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

  Disorderly Conduct

12/12/2016, 11:30 PM - Bradley Nolan, 23, Annville, was cited for causing a disburbance in the area of Lebanon Street and North White Oak.

Public Drunkenness

12/12/2016, 10:24 PM - Scott Miller, 27, Palmyra,  was staggering in the area of 300 Block of West Main Street.  Officers approached and too him in custody for Public Drunkenness and a probation violation.


11/21/2016, 5:18 PM - Benjamin Rodriguez, 28, Lebanon, was arrested for DUI after being stopped in the 400 Block of East Main Street for erratic driving.

Receiving Stolen Property

11/20/2016, 2:07 Am - Nathan Beers, 31, Lebanon, was stopped in teh 200 block of South White Oak for a driving violation.  During the contact Officers discovered numerous items of stolen property from Walmart.  The case was referred to North Londonderry for investigation.


11/19/2016, 3:50 AM - Officers responded to report of suspicious vehicle sitting in front of a residence in the 1000 Block of East Main Street.  The vehicle was located in parking lot and was occupied by tow juveniles.  The juveniles were returned to their parent's custody and were cited for Curfew.


11/13/2016, 7:24 PM - Nicholas Sweitzer, 19, Leesport, PA was arrested for DUI while driving on the 100 block of Summit Road.

Underage Drinking

11/12/2016, 11:35 PM - Carter Yenser, 20, Bernville, PA. and Matthew Torrence, 19, Gaithersburg, MD were cited for Underage drinking in the area of 200 Block of East Sherdian Avenue.

Underage Drinking

11/12/16, 10:57 - Adam Domovich, 20, Hummelstown, PA. and Trent Donlan, 20, Elysburg, PA. were cited for underage drinking in the area of 100 block of North Railroad Street.

Loud Noise

11/12/2016, 1029 PM - Officers investigated loud noise / music at first block of West Sheridan.  Tanner Reed and Steven Salcedo were warned for violation of the Noise ordiancnce.


11/11/2016, 7:35 PM - Marlene Savich, 79, Annville, was driving on South on North Chestnut Street and crossed over Church Street and struck a parked car.

DUI Accident

10/31/2016, 9:19 PM - Kacey  Stewart, 18, Annville, was traveling on East Main Street at College Street and struck 6 bollards.  Stewart was arrested for DUI.

DUI Accident

10/30/2016, 5:06 AM - Landy Cruz, 19, Lebanon, was traveling in the first block of West Main Street and Struck two parked cars.  Cruz was arrested for DUI.

Underage Drinking

10/30/2016, 4:59 AM - Alec Slotys,19, Schuylkill Haven, was charged with Underage Drinking after Officers observer him walking in the first block of North Lancaster Street.

Underage Drinking

10/30/2016, 3:52 AM - Tyler Skye, 20, Stow Creek, NJ and John Chiari, 20, Bridgeton, NJ., were charged with Underage Drinking when observed walking on West Lebanon Street at North King Street.

Public Drunkenness

10/30/2016, 3:09 AM - Emily Federowicz, 21,  Evan Federowicz, 17, New Milford, CT. and Dakota Keefer, 20,  Ephrata, were observed walking in the area of West Church Street and North King Street.  The investigation continues into Public Drunkenness, Underage Drinking and False Reports to Law Enforcement.

Public Drunkenness

10/29/2016, 12:29 AM - Connor Grant, 20, Chalfont, PA, was observed intoxicated and stumbling in the area of Route 422 & 934.  Charges are pending.

Public Drunkenness

10/12/2016, 11:40 PM - Juan Ponce, JR.,62, Annville, was cited for Public Drunkenness in the area of East Lebanon Street. 

Underage Drinking

10/9/2016, 12:06 AM - Eric Janis, 20, Frederick Maryland was charged with underage drinking and William Robert, 21, Woodsboro, MD, charged with an open containter in the area of North Railroad and East Sheridan.

Drug possession

10/8/2016, 10:25 PM - Police responded to the 200 block of East Maple Street for a disorderly person.   Manuel Ramos, 20, Muncy, PA. was charged with Underage Drinking, Possession of Marijuana and Disorderly Conduct.

Public Drunkenness

10/8/2016, 8:18 PM - Officers responded to the 1st Block of East Sheridan Avenue for an intoxicated person.  Scott Miller, 43, Lebanon was charged with Public Drunkenness and transported to Central Booking for  Probation Violation.

 Loud Noise

10/8/2016, 5:04 PM - Police responded to 100 Block of West Sheridan Avenue for loud noise at a residence.  John Wise, 22, Rochester, NY was given a warning for loud noise.

Public Drukenness

 9/20/2016, 2:27 AM - Patrick Meade, 33, was issued a citation for Public Drunkenness in the area of Routes 422 & 934.


9/19/2016, 1:30 PM -The Annville Township Police is investigating a large pile of concrete debris dumped on the grounds of the Quittie Park recently. They are pieces of sidewalk, fence post footers, cinder blocks, and other household debris. If you know someone who had this material recently and may be a suspect of dumping this material, please contact us.

Ordinance Violation - Alcohol

9/18/2016, 12:08 AM - Officers investigated a noise complaint at 108 West Main Street.  Donna Hart, 22, Annville and Vincent Ingelido, 20, Annville  were issued a citation for an open container of alcoholic beverage.

Fight - Disorderly Conduct

9/17/2016, 6:20 PM - Officers responded to report of a fight in the area of South Concord and West Cumberland.  Several subjects were found at this location and citations issued.  Oscar Perez, Jr., 20, Annville - Disorderly Conduct; Travis Bowman, 33, Annville - Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness.

Underage Drinking

 9/11/2016, 12:20 AM – Officers responded to a loud noise / party complaint at 250 South White Oak Street.  The following persons were issued citations for underage Drinking: Rachael Duong, 18, Hummelstown; Cathryn Mancini, 19, Paramus, NJ; Hannah Trimmer, 20, York; Gary Wise,20, Pottstown; Jacob Williams ,19, Dover DE; Jess Olewine , 19, Slatington; Thomas Garner, 20, Lititz, disorderly conduct. 


9/16/2016, 2:00 AM - Samuel HERNANDEZ-RODRIGUEZ, 20, Annville, was arrested for DUI, Underage Drinking when driving in the 1st block of East Main Street.

Underage Drinking

9/16/2016, 12:14 AM - Kristen Eberhardt, 20, Saylorsburg, was issues citation for underage drinking in the area of West Sheridan Avenue and Birch Alley.


9/15/2016, 8:15 PM - Michael Skultin, 59, Lebanon, was arrested for DUI while driving on Route 934 in the area of East Sheridan Avenue.

Noise Ordinance

9/11/2016, 1:00 AM - Bradley Nolan, 22, Annville, was issued citation for violation of Noise Ordinance on Union Crest Drive.

Curfew Violation

9/11/2016, 1:55 AM - A vehile was stopped in the first block of East Main Street for driving violations.  The juvenile driver was cited for violaiton of Junior's Drivers license and Curfew.  Both Juvenile passengers were cited for Curfew Violation.

Ordinance Violation - Alcohol

9/10/2016, 1025 PM - Matthew Burns, 20, Hershey and Nicholas Miller, 20, Enola were issued a citation for having an open container of alocholic beverage in the area of North Raiload and Maple Streets.

Noise Ordinance - Warning

9/10/2016, 9:55 PM - Bradley Hartman,21, Myerstown, was given a warning for violation of noise ordinance in the area of West Sheridan.

Noise Ordinance - Warning

9/10/2016, 9:37 PM - Cameron Epple, 19, Litiz and Austin Minnich, 21, Litiz, were given a warning for violation of noise ordinance.

Ordinance Violation - Alcohol

9/4/2016, 1:15 AM - Alexander Nicolas, 20, was cited for having an open container of alcoholic beverage in the 100 block of West Lebanon Street.

Ordiance Violation - Alcohol

9/4/2016, 12:55 AM - Na Jee Parker, 21, was cited for having an open container of alcoholic beverage in the area of East Sheridan Avenue and North White Oak Street.


8/31/16, 4:49 pm in front of the Speedway store, 750 East Main Street, a white male driver in an older white Ford sedan hit a 65-year-old male on Rte 422, causing moderate injuries. After hitting the man, the driver backed up and fled west on 422 while being chased by witnesses. The suspect managed to elude these people by using the alleys near the square. A partial PA plate, possibly containing letter and numbers similar to KDD6944, was given by a witness. (This is not the exact plate). Charges are pending and the police need your help finding this car! Please call with any information 717-867-2711

Vince Debor was arrested as the driver of the striking vehicle.


8/29/2016, 6:50 pm -  Aaron Portner, 19, New Freedom, Pa. and Tanner Steinhart, 19, Pottsville, PA.  were found in possession of a small amount of marijuan and drug paraphernalia.

DUI 8/28/2016, 1:30 AM

Tanner Pyles, 21, Annville, was arrested for DUI while driving in the 1st block of North Railorad Street.


DUI 7/23/2016, 0215 - Michael Klinefelter, 34, Lebanon, was arrested for DUI while driving in the 1200 block of East Main Street.

 DUMPING 7/23/2016 - A resident reported unknown persons dumped old furniture on a dirt pile behind the baseball field on Maple & Long Streets.

PEDDLING  7/14/16  9:42pm:  A male was found peddling magazines in the township.  He was found to have a township permit to do so, but he was operating outside of the allowed times.  He was warned about allowed times and days.

 REPORTABLE CRASH  7/141/6  6:30pm:  A vehicle driven by Jennifer Mcgrath, 35, of Jonestown, failed to yield crossing North Railroad from Lebanon Alley.  She pulled into the path of a car driven by Timothy Brandt, 59, of Cleona.  Mcgrath's car had to be towed.  Mcgrath was cited for a traffic violation.

 DUI  7/131/6  12:04am:  Adam Wheland, 39, of Annville, was arrested for DUI after a traffic stop in the 1st blockof East Lebanon Alley.  

 OPEN CONTAINER VIOLATION  7/9/16  10:51pm:  An officer found a male walking with an open can of beer.  The man was walking home from a party.  He poured it out and was given a verbal warning.

 CRASH  7/9/16  10:30am:  A vehicle driven by Amber Geist, 25, of Palmyra, rear-ended a vehicle driven by Harry Davis, 52, of Lebanon, in the 400 block of East Main St.  Both vehicles sustained minor damage and were driven from the scene.

 DRUG OVERDOSE SAVE  7/8/16  9:52pm:  An officer used Naloxone to save a male from an heroin overdose in a car in the 1000 block of East Main St.  This was the 2nd such life-saving action taken by the Annville Police in 2016.

 DUI  7/8/16  9:36pm:  Antonio Gonzalez-Garcia, 42, of Lebanon, was arrested for DUI after being stopped for an erratic driving complaint called in by a motorist.

 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF  7/8/16  3:39pm:  A resident reported damage to the entrance sign to the Quittie Park.  Police are investigating.

 PHONE SCAM  7/8/16  3:31pm:  A resident reported a phone scam supposedly from the IRS. Residents are warned that phone calls from the IRS asking for payment are a scam and not real.

 CRASH  7/6/26  6:59am:  A tractor trailer driven by Bess Fleck, 52, of Roanoke, VA, clipped the side of another tractor trailer driven by David Goldberg, 39, of Enola, at the square.  

 TERRORIST THREATS  7/5/16  6:49pm:  Marcus Jones, 35, of Annville, was charged with terrorist threats and disorderly conduct after repeatedly coming in to the Just Wing It restaurant to yell obscenities and threaten to kill an employee.

 FOUND DOG  7/2/16  9:40pm:  A passerby found a small curly haired dark colored dog on 934 near the bridge construction.  It had no identification.  The dog was taken to the Humane Society.

 STOLEN BICYCLE  7/1/16  3:15pm:  A resident reported her son's black BMX bike was stolen from the 200 block of East Main St on Sunday 6/26/16.  He did not tell his mother until today.  It is all black with brown handgrips and "Monster Energy" stickers all over it.

 MOTORCYCLE CRASH  6/26/16  6:21pm:  Wesley Wentling, 19, of Lebanon was cited for a stop violation after he pulled into the path of a motorcycle driven by Matthew Donmoyer, 40, of Lebanon in the 1200 block of East Main Street.  Donmoyer was thrown from the motorcycle but refused medical treatment.  

 DISORDERLY CONDUCT  6/23/16  10:07pm:  Joel Aranda, 29, of Annville, was cited after an altercation at the Annville Grille, 103 West Main St.

 CRASH  6/21/16  4:09pm:  Robert Doughty, 24, of Rochester, NY fell asleep while driving in the 400 block of East Main St.  He struck a parked car and a utility police.  Both cars were towed and Doughty was cited for Careless Driving.

 FRAUD  6/21/16  11:17am:  A resident reported that her bank told her that her Visa card had been used fraudulently in Lancaster County on 6/4/16 for a loss of $1245.16.  The bank reimbursed her and police are investigation.

 DRIVING SUSPENDED - DUI    6/18/16  1:17am:  Derik Krause, 22, of Jonestown, was arrested on a probation violation after he was found driving with a 0.067% BAC and on a license suspended from a previous DUI.

 INJURY CRASH: 6/16/2016, 8:05 PM  A vehicle driven by Ethan Himmelberger, 23, of Lebanon, rear-ended a vehicle driven by Marcos Rosado, 20, of Philadelphia on Rte 934 at the railroad bridge.  Rosado was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital for evaluation and released.  Himmelberger was cited for registration and seat belt violations.

 BUSINESS ALARM  6/16/16  12:10am:  Officers responded to the First Floor Attic for a business alarm, but found it was a false alarm.

 STRUCK PEDESTRIAN   6/15/16  9:54pm:    A vehicle driven by Angela Tonini, 47, of Jonestown, struck a pedestrian in the 100 block of West Main Street, causing minor injuries.  Tonini was cited for a crosswalk violation.

 IRS SCAM:  A resident reported a suspicious phone call purported to be from the IRS and requesting money.  She did not give out any information.  THIS IS A SCAM.

 NOISE COMPLAINT   6/15/16  1:50am:  Officers responded to the 200 block of North Lancaster for a loud TV, but could not find anything.

 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF  6/14/16, 11:10am:  A resident reported finding a broken window in his home in the 100 block of North Moyer St.  He believed it happened overnight.  Nothing else suspicious was noted.

 DRUGS  6/13/16, 4:52pm:  Officers arrested Jermaine Dyson, 29, of Philadelphia, for possession of marijuana, cocaine, and Ecstasy following a traffic stop. 

 HIT AND RUN CRASH     6/13/16   3:19pm: A resident of the 100 block of South Lancaster reported someone struck his vehicle, likely overnight, causing minor damage.

 HIT AND RUN CRASH     6/13/16   10:45pm: A resident of the 1st block of South King St reported someone struck her vehicle, likely overnight, causing minor damage.

 DRUG PARAPHERNALIA   6/12/16   5:47pm:  A person came to the station to report a child brought a hypodermic needle home after a child custody visit in Annville Township.  Police are investigating.

 FIRES  6/12/16    2:48pm:  A parent reported that her son and some friends were starting small campfires at the Quittie Park.  Police spoke to them about the dangers and illegality of these fires.

UNDERAGE DRINKING   6/8/16, 10:44pm   Elizabeth Wilson, 18, and Harrison Yiengst, 20, of Lebanon were cited for Underage Drinking and Open Container violations following a traffic stop.  Wilson was also cited for a traffic violation.

 DRUGS   6/8/16  8:03pm:  Scott Hoffer Jr, 18, of Annville, Rocco Ferrandino, 20, of Lebanon, and a 17 year old male were arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop in the 800 block of East Main Street.

 NOISE COMPLAINT   6/8/16, 2:23am:  Officers responded to the 100 block of West Queen for a loud party, but could not find anything.

 DRUGS  6/8/16  12:02am:  Justin Flora, 29, of Wrightsville, was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop in the 400 block of West Main Street.

 ASSAULT WITH MOTOR VEHICLE  6/7/2016, 8:55 PM:  Harrison Yiengst, 20, of Lebanon, was charged with Propulsion of missile into a vehicle, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, accidents involving attended property, careless driving, reckless driving, and failing to stop and render aid after he purposely rammed another vehicle with his vehicle during a road rage incident in the 1st block of Poplar Street.  Yiengst then left and returned shortly, where he threw a camping lantern at the same vehicle, causing more damage.

 STRUCK SIGN  6/7/16  7:54pm:  Police found an unknown truck had run over a construction sign on Route 934 at Route 422.

FOUND KEYS  6/7/16   6:43am:  A person brought in a found Chevy key FOB from South Spruce Street.


DRUGS   6/5/16   2:37am:    Alberto Davis, 19, and Antonio Melfa, 18, both of Mechanicsburg, PA, were arrested for possession of various items of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop in the 600 block of West Main Street.

 THEFT OF SERVICES   6/3/16, 10:15am:  Erin Long, 18, of Cleona, was cited for disposing of a pile of personal trash into a business dumpster. 

 CAR INTO A BUILDING 6/2/16,  7:10pm:   Officers responded to the Turkey Hill, 2 East Main St, for a car that had driven through a store window.  Officers found Pamela Reinbold, 47, of Jonestown, had accidentally driven forward into the store.  Her car was able to be driven away.   This is the 2nd such recent mishap here, and Turkey Hill will be installing concrete and steel bollards to prevent further occurrences.

 SIMPLE ASSAULT  5/31/16,  2:00pm:  Dustin Flickinger, 33, of Palmyra, was arrested for Simple Assault and Harassment after a domestic violence assault in the 200 block of West Church that occurred on 5/27/16.  Flickinger was taken to Central Booking.

 PAYPAL FRAUD 5/30/16,  4:00pm:  Two residents reported fraudulent access to their Paypal accounts.  Both accounts were locked and no money was taken.

 DRONE COMPLAINT  5/29/16  5:37pm:  A resident of the 1300 block of East Main called police to complain about a neighbor's drone flying overhead.   No violation found to have occurred.

  DUI  5/23/16 7:33pm:  Jackeline Ortiz-Torress, 30, of Annville was arrested for DUI in the first block of South King Street.  She was arrested after she parked beside a police car and approached the officer to make a complaint regarding another incident.  The officer noticed she was intoxicated and had seen her drive to him.

UNDERAGE DRINKING  5/22/16  2:15am:  Brittany Larnerd, 20, of Palmyra, was cited after she was stopped for a traffic violation.  

BURGLARY   5/21/16  9:25am:  A homeowner reported a burglary of her home in the 300 block of West Main.  She said various tools were taken between 4/17/16 and 5/21/16. 


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